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Built to Work and Built to Last

With the same innovation and attention to detail afforded every product from Gardner Denver, our Redline Packing has been developed after extensive research into packing failures, product design and property makeup. Our product design team set out to improve packing performance and extend fluid end life and the results have exceeded customer expectations. Customer field tests in a variety of environments show Redline Packing outperforming our competitors in the harshest conditions, highest pressures and most abrasive environments, while reducing down time and increasing margins.

  • Refinements utilizing first principles in material chemistry and seal design
  • Proven to extend pumping operations reducing critical NPT
  • Increases asset utilization by reducing scheduled maintenance
  • Increases operator safety by eliminating the need to tear into the heart of the pump
  • Designed to fit all popular fluid ends including our competitor’s
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Strength where it Counts

Today’s high pressure frac operations have created more stressful conditions for critical wellsite equipment. Redline Packing’s redesigned rings and refined material makeup have been field tested extensively throughout North America to assure customers it can withstand high pressure applications. Initial data verifies Redline Packing has:

  • Been built to withstand extreme pressures
  • Performed significantly well against heat and frictional pressure
  • Pumped over 100M lbs of sand
  • Outlasted the incumbent by over 2X
  • Reduced maintenance time by 50%



Breakthrough Technology combined with Service that never Stops

Gardner Denver’s commitment to serve and our dedication to partner with our customers, takes our latest innovation to the next level. Redline Packing comes with our pledge of being with you every day, in the field and around the world. With programs like Parts on Demand and 24/7 Customer Service and Support, you are assured of parts availability, field service and problem-solving in your most challenging situations. We exceed customer expectations – with product innovation, continuous improvements, and a culture of service and teamwork, whenever and wherever you need us.



We eventually changed to the Redline Packing because
we didn’t think anything could run that long.

If Gardner Denver’s Redline Packing can do this to my washed out fluid end imagine what I could do to my entire fleet.

Redline is tough enough to protect my
pressure pumping equipment.


Rely on Redline

To learn more about the advantages of Redline Packing and how it can be implemented into your new or existing pumping equipment, contact a Gardner Denver representative today.

1-866-GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) (USA)
1-918-GDPUMPS (1-918-437-8677) (International)

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